I shared a fraction of my struggles during my complicated health journey. The extensive doctor appointments, lack of sleep and worst of all lack of answers. Almost 4 years of endless run arounds, doctors appointments and procedures, and even taking prescription meds for depression, gastritis, heart palpitations. They told me I had Endometriosis, Crohn’s, Gastritis, and IBS.

However, I was blessed to have the support of my husband who researched extensively and we transitioned to an alkaline Vegan lifestyle. I went from years of hopelessness to finely getting my life back and being normal again. After 3 months of fasting, cleansing, taking our minerals and sea moss DAILY, eating strictly alkaline we got pregnant with our little bundle of joy, our Alkaline Sea moss Baby.

Now we help others that are how we were, searching for something new and for a way to feel you again. We have met so many others suffering due to a lack of proper education on the power of nutritional healing that we have in our society, people with diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune illnesses…and the list goes on and we are here to tell you there is a way out, you CAN feel better.

Let us walk you through a better path a journey with less pain and confusion in reference to your health. Come and discover these electric products to start revitalizing those cells.

Let us provide you with hope and a chance to get back to a life you love but better because this time, you will use food and herbs from the as your medicine!

Who is Veganhood?